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Global Teams offers coaching and consulting for teams, members and leaders, with the aim of strengthening local talent and achieving success in the global arena.

Our Approach

The work that we do is based on our belief that

  • if an individual has the competencies and motivation,
  • if the social context is supportive and motivating,
  • and if the organization has the capacity in the form of systems and recognition ...

then real and sustainable change will take place.


Our focus is always on business results, identifying learning needs and supporting the individual in their performance. We base our learning interventions on well-researched adult-learning theories and on cultural knowledge.

Coaching – individuals or teams

Our approach to coaching is always customized to the team. For example, it can be based on team dynamics, performance coaching, or narrative theories, and be tailored for specific learning styles, situations and cultural differences.


We use a systems approach, combined with a thorough understanding of organizational psychodynamics, the international business environment, and the influences of different cultures, geography, political environments and economical contexts.

We combine consulting and learning in a comprehensive and customer-oriented service, to support our clients in achieving their business targets. Our interventions are always designed and implemented in close collaboration with our clients.

We believe in long-term and committed relationships. Only if we know our clients and their organizations well can we provide true value and participate in generating growth for our clients.

Our Values

Curious and Creative

We will always be curious about our clients' needs, concerns and context, as well as being creative in finding the best solutions.

Honest and Courageous

We have the courage to be honest with ourselves and our clients when it comes to improving the performance of organizations.

Quality and Sustainability

We have a high standard of quality and our solutions are sustainable because they are developed alongside you, our client.


Global Teams participates in a global Community of Practice and is managed by experienced colleagues with a strong background in the development of global organizations and intercultural learning.

We partner with universities in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the USA, to ensure that we keep current with best practice and latest research.

Peter Byebierggaard, Managing Partner - Denmark

Peter Byebierggaard is Managing Partner in Global Teams and founded Global Teams in 2002 with a vision of creating a better working world for people in global organizations.

He has a strong background in the development of global organizations, where the cultural and geographic dimensions influence how transformation is most efficiently performed. Peter’s main focus is on creative and innovation processes in multicultural contexts – applying design thinking to organizational processes and development.

His professional career took him from project manager in international aerospace to technical director in offshore. He then worked for one of the major consultancies in Denmark.

Peter has lived and worked in various European and Asian countries, and in the USA. For the past six years he has lived in the Middle East, with Dubai as his home.

His academic background is founded at Cranfield University and Glasgow University, where he achieved his MSc. and Int. MBA in Organisational and Strategy development. He completed a two-year MSc level training course on Organizational Psychodynamic, based on the principles of Tavistock, and holds certifications on various organisational development methodologies.


Beth Yoder, Managing Partner - UAE

Beth is a Managing Partner with Global Teams and is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She has been facilitating intercultural learning and development for individuals and organizations for almost 20 years. She brings the mind of a researcher, the heart of a teacher and the enthusiasm of a pioneer to her work.

This passion, which has become her career, began when she moved from the USA to Romania to teach English in a state high school.  Things were done differently there and she learned the hard way – by experience. But as is her nature, she used this knowledge to her advantage and taught the next batch of teachers what she had learned in an effort to speed up their learning and focus on their main purpose – teaching students. It worked: their transition was easier and their teaching success greater.

That turned out to be the beginning of a new career. Since then, she has lived in six countries, and worked in many more, providing training and designing learning for adults – from college students to C-level executives.  She specializes in intercultural training, developing global leaders, and applying an intercultural perspective to talent development.

In her position with Global Teams, she works alongside clients at both an organizational and individual level. She supports organizations to achieve performance improvement, designs tailored training, works with subject matter experts, and audits policies and practices for intercultural effectiveness. She also coaches leaders in developing their global competencies.

Beth completed her M.A. in Intercultural Relations with highest marks. Her research, which examined cultural dimensions, was personally supervised by the Director of the internationally-recognized Intercultural Communication Institute. She presented her research at the SIETAR global congress. Since 2005, she has been a returning Fellow at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication.


Déborah Selle, Managing Partner - France

Life for Déborah has always been intercultural whether family, education, or work.  The experience of things intercultural was sometimes enriching and fun, sometimes conflictual and hard.  Intuition and personal skills permitted some success, but when she discovered 'intercultural mediation' a new world opened up where stalled or conflictual situations moved to understanding and creative solutions.

20 years as a publisher in an international francophone company made it clear that collaboration and publishing required more than a common language: Belgians, French, Haitians, Canadians, Madagascans, Ivoirians, Senegalese or Swiss do not act, think, or behave in the same fashion.  They do not even read or buy books in the same ways.

12 years as a mediator in a multicultural city such as Marseille and training mediators in Eastern Europe made it clear that cultural differences complicate any other issue and sometimes are the very cause of the conflict at hand.

Now Déborah's work focuses full-time on intercultural issues, providing specialized mediation, training, coaching and program development.

Most of her mediation focuses on multicultural relationships.  She assists her clients to make their differences compatible with their relationships.  In particular, she has a large experience in long entrenched conflicts where identity differences are at stake.

She trains and coaches internationals living and working abroad: providing knowledge and insight to help them understand what is going under the surface of their interactions, walking with them through the reality of adaptation, and coaching the competencies needed for their success, such as how to adapt their preferred mode to others and thus avoid misunderstanding, pain, or conflict.

She also prepares negotiators for cross-cultural meetings: how to know as much as possible about the other side, how to make oneself understood by the other side, how to deal with emotions and hostile tactics . . . all in order to get to the best possible deal.

B.A. English
B.A. Psychology
M.A. Psycho-linguistics
D.U. Conflict management and resolution


Yogesh Satyal, Managing Partner - Nepal

Yogesh Satyal is a freelance educator and trainer-consultant and the managing partner of Global Teams in Nepal.  He has been training executives and managers from across a variety of industries in the country such as pharmaceuticals, trading, hospitality, ISP, and tale, to name a few.

He conducts executive coaching and corporate training on such areas as Leadership Development, Communication Skills, Guest Experience Management, Organizational & Personal Productivity, Intercultural Intelligence, Interpersonal skills, Team Building and Self-management.

He is visiting faculty at some of the leading business schools in Nepal where he teaches such courses as Managerial Skills, Emerging Concepts in Management, Managerial Communication and International Business.

He has more than 15 years of experience working in some of the prominent companies and organizations in product marketing, market research, hospitality and software development.

Yogesh has done his Executive MBA from Ace Institute of Management, Pokhara University, Nepal and B.Com (Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi. He is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach Practitioner.

He is a Toastmaster and has ACS (Advanced Communicator Silver), and ALB (Advanced Leader Bronze) recognitions to his credit. He is past president (PP) of Everest Toastmasters Club.

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