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Culture without a buffer – the road to Global Competences

February 8, 2016

Out of good intentions and for the sake of efficiency, business travellers are often shielded from dealing with cultural challenges. Dinners are arranged with local colleagues who ensure everything runs smoothly, assistants organize flights and hotels, ensure that we are picked up at the airport, are ferried to and from meetings or back to hotels. […]

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Managing Global Innovation Workshop

April 30, 2015

The Global R&D Network Meeting at Novozymes April 21 had about 35 participants representing 18 different major Danish companies. Some of the responses from the participants: “I was indeed very inspirational to have a full day session with Yves Doz. He provided some strong insights in managing and organizing global innovation – and not least […]

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Cross-country Differences in Hotel Guest Satisfaction: #LostinTranslation

September 26, 2014

My intercultural experience from the hotel sector started out during my college years, where I worked as room service and night porter for a couple of years. Our guests came from all over the world and had different expectations as to what was good customer service. Scandinavians preferred to be allowed to take care of […]

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Scheduling in a global context

July 14, 2014

“Time of day” becomes irrelevant when competing globally. We schedule our workday according to when people are available – at anytime of day anywhere. We did a workshop recently with a group of Bangladeshi IT professionals – and as one participant said: the concept of a 9am-5pm working day has long gone. You have to […]

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Leading Global Teams

July 8, 2014

Why did our global team miss the target? Why didn’t we achieve our objectives? Our shared competencies were unquestionable, and yet we failed. Only when I came across the intercultural field, did I begin to understand what often makes the differences between failure and success of global teams. Members from different nations, functions, and organizations […]

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The Global Project Manager

July 7, 2014

Standard project management needs to be adjusted to achieve the objectives of good project management in a non-western culture. Several recent studies have documented this in a number of African countries. This makes the role of the project manager central and complex in a global context. Effective managers of projects must understand and apply the […]

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Global Dentistry in Dubai

June 8, 2014

Every time I go to my dentist here in Dubai, he makes some interesting comment about how dentistry is different here – his job, the patients, and the issues he sees are all impacted. I never thought dentistry could be so interesting! Suddenly I’m intrigued because it hits my intercultural nerve. First, there are technical […]

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Truly Global-Minded

May 9, 2014

In today’s world, organizing our work globally is considered an ordinary part of our working life, yet we often find ourselves in situations that are not ordinary – situations where we are inclined to make decisions based on a limiting mindset. We casually cross borders almost without noticing them and unconsciously minimize the differences between […]

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