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We believe that adults can learn and grow, and that they want to.

Learning and development can take many forms – training, assessment, coaching, performance consulting, and action learning, to name a few.  However, the goal is always the same – to improve performance and support the business goals.

Training Design & Facilitation

Designing good learning is one of our passions. Learning that is interesting and engaging, that is relevant and immediately applicable, is learning that sticks. We find ways to make it real, even when it’s in a classroom. Learners leave our training feeling like they can do what they have just learned.

We use a variety of activities and styles to engage learners, such as simulations, reflections, lecturettes, games, and dialogues. We also make videos to localize and make it personal. Our training design takes into account the different learning styles, cultural preferences, language(s), and research on how the brain works.

If you need a new training program, we will work with you to create a tailored, in-house training course.  We have worked with subject matter experts ranging from construction, to banking & finance, to video production.  We can also customize one of our own programs to fit your needs.

Learning & Development Consulting

As organizations have begun to see the impact that training can have, they have put more demands on what it delivers, without necessarily considering the context.  Training does not stand alone. Training is expected to deliver improved skills, changed behaviors, better motivation, and new attitudes and ways of thinking. This requires strategic thinking, planning, implementing, and evaluating.

What are your business goals?  If you know this, then we can ensure that the learning solutions that are implemented work for you. (If you don’t know, then we can start there.) There are multiple ways to design learning, both formal and informal on-the-job training, that is aligned with your business goals.

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Assessments can be used to identify styles and preferences, or to benchmark where an individual or team are on any number of characteristics.  We are certified in various tools that can be used for leadership, team, or individual development as part of training and/or coaching in the following areas:

  • leadership development
  • conflict management
  • global leadership competencies
  • team performance
  • communication
  • management styles
  • time management.

Job Aids

In our work life, we often find ourselves in situations where we could use a little help, such as to make a decision, remember how to do something, or know how someone else did it. For example, if I don’t use the copy machine often, it is helpful to have a short description on the machine telling me clearly how to copy on both sides, or if I am performing surgery, it is helpful to have a preparation checklist so that nothing is missed. These “job aids” are tools that can make all the difference in speed and efficiency, or between failure and success.

We incorporate job aids into our tailor-made training, and we also train organizations in how to develop and use these to improve the performance of individuals and the organization as a whole.


Research and experience shows that the main part of our learning (70% of it) happens in work situations. Coaching maximizes this on-the-job learning. It targets the application of skills and knowledge in personal and context-specific ways. In one study, training increased productivity by 22%, while training with coaching increased productivity by 88%.

We coach individuals and teams – increasing their performance and achieving their goals. For more on team coaching, see our Global Teams page.

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