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Scheduling in a global context

July 14, 2014

“Time of day” becomes irrelevant when competing globally. We schedule our workday according to when people are available – at anytime of day anywhere.

We did a workshop recently with a group of Bangladeshi IT professionals – and as one participant said: the concept of a 9am-5pm working day has long gone. You have to be present, when needed and that is when your business partners are available.

Gone are the days where people punch in when they meet and out when they leave. We have to be flexible, and dedicated, if we want to compete in a global context.

Our job contracts are no longer characterized by a number of hours that we “sell” to our employer, but by delivery of a certain performance. This has always been the reality for managers hired to do a job, but it is becoming the reality for more and more employees.

We need to get used to working when others are available – those others who can help us perform, help us compete.  Organizations need to become more flexible in their scheduling and reporting expectations.

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