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Truly Global-Minded

May 9, 2014

In today’s world, organizing our work globally is considered an ordinary part of our working life, yet we often find ourselves in situations that are not ordinary – situations where we are inclined to make decisions based on a limiting mindset. We casually cross borders almost without noticing them and unconsciously minimize the differences between one country and the next.

To have a true global mindset is to have a high degree of global awareness and global experience, which enables us to connect the dots and create the bigger picture.

To develop a true global mindset is to develop increased self-awareness and understanding of how different people with different assumptions and behavioral norms perceive us in different contexts – and vice-versa.

With a true global mindset we can anticipate uncertainty and organize so that we are capable of performing in a state of continuous change.

With a true global mindset we pay attention to the wide range of demands and opportunities – and we pay attention to the capabilities that different parts of our organization possess.

The overall intention of a true global mindset is the ability to exploit the full potential of integrated worldwide operations!

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